Content and Strategy Centered Teaching and Learning (CSCTL): 
2018 Summer Institute

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 July 26-July 27, 2018… July 28-July 29, 2018… August 1- August 2, 2018 …….

8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Days 1 and 2.

We know from educational research and from experience that without interest students do not learn well. Student learning difficulties arise from how teachers define interest; how a teacher defines interest often determines what the teacher does with students and how the teacher goes about teaching and helping the students to learn. With Content and Strategy Centered Teaching and Learning (CSCTL), teachers differentiates interest from desire, and teachers learn to integrate students experiences with content and teachers learn to not (1) impose tasks upon students or (2) emphasize student autonomy, and thus cater to students' whims. CSCTL strategies emphasizes the importance of helping student to understand and to secure objects of student's interest, and to reinforce students' efforts. 

In this institute, we will introduce participants to principles and practice of Content and Strategy Centered Teaching and Learning (CSCTL). Participants will learn to develop and use CSCTL strategies. Participants will have the opportunities to practice the methods about which the author of Interest and Learning, and Thinking and Learning says, “I used CSCTL methods in an Alternative High School Equivalency Program; students who had dropped out from the High School returned to school, re-enrolled, and they all graduated with their classmates.” 

Specifically, participants will gain:

A working knowledge of the sciences of student interest, the five instructional steps of Content and Strategy Centered Teaching and Learning (CSCTL), and of how individual student interest plays out in different educational environments
Guidelines and techniques to apply CSCTL principles to the design of lessons and curriculum units
Strategies for using new technologies, including Thinking Maps and Graphic Organizers tablets and handhelds, to make the curriculum more effective
Tips on how to improve classroom practice and school culture by raising awareness of CSCTL methods, focusing upon and developing learning context.
Access to and tips on using CSCTL learning materials; these include planning tools such as Books on the subject (Interest and Learning, Thinking and Learning) written by developers of the GTTL, and the CSCTL teachers’ manual and Training materials.

Participation is limited to 21 participants per session in order to promote collaboration, opportunity for discussion, and support from CSCTL staff.

Who should attend?
Educators (general, special education, curriculum coordinators, instructional technology specialists, administrators etc.) at all levels who are interested in learning about and applying CSCTL to practice.

Pricing Information:
The cost of the institute is $795* per person and includes the following:
All materials
Daily continental breakfast
Light lunch on Day 3

*A 10% discount is offered to a team of three or more people from the same institution that registers.

Location: Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York. 11550. You can also reach us at 
Telephones: (516) 708-3463, (516) 705-0687,

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